This guide is for reference only. To have the best quality floor tile, we suggest customers use the service of the tiling of professional service.



CTS tiles are manufactured from natural materials, do not harm the environment & are hygroscopic. The production process is handmade. Therefore, cement tiles may have a little heterogeneity of pattern and size. It is these features that bring a unique beauty to cement tiles.

We recommend that you check the tiles carefully before paving. We do not be responsible when tiles are cut or tiled. When tiling, you should randomly use different tiles from many carton boxes to get the natural beauty of colors.


Before tiling, please store the tiles in a carton box in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing the tiles to water or moisture as moisture and water can affect the surface of the tiles. Do not expose the tiles to direct sunlight.


Tiling is a simple process but requires careful not to damage the tile surface and to get the best quality floor or wall in terms of aesthetics & mechanical properties.

Need to prepare the floor or wall tiles are very flat and clean. The distance between the tiles is tile joint, should be 2-3 mm. Use plastic Tile spacers to help stabilize the distance of the tiles.

  1. Tiles need to be soaked in water for 5-10 minutes before tiling. Tiles can be tilling on the floor with tile glue or replaced with grout and anti-shrinkage additives. For best adhesion, tile glue should be applied to both the substrate of the floor or the wall and the back of the tile. The tile glue on the floor of the tile should be spread out with a Tiling trowel.
  2. Tiles are laid down by hand, manipulating carefully so that they do not dent the tiles. After laying the bricks on the floor or wall, use your hands or a rubber hammer to balance the surface of the tiles. Tile joints need to use Plastic tile spacers to help stabilize the distance of the tiles. Need to check the flatness between tiles must be uniform in surface height because if the glue has dried, it cannot be adjusted anymore..
  3. If any tile glue, grout or dirt sticks to the surface of the tile, immediately wipe it off with a wet Tiling sponge. You should be cleaned as soon as possible. If the tile surface is not cleaned immediately, it will stain the tile surface and will be difficult to clean later.
  4. After tiling the tiles, please wait for 6-8 hours for the tiles to stick to the floor or walls, then grout joints.
  5. Grout joints in 2 times:
    • The first time: Mixed with grout and used specialized tools to put into the tile joints, clean out the excess outside of tile joints. It is recommended to use grouting tools directly on each tile joints. After the 1st time has completed, wait about 1 hour later to make the second time.
    • The 2nd time: Mixing solid grout and using specialized tools to re-grout again. Grout can choose white or other colors depending on the aesthetic. Clean excess grout immediately on the tile surface with an absorbent sponge.
  1. CTS cement tiles are pre-sealing. This Sealing to protect the surface of cement tile during transportation, storage, and installation. After the tiles are tilling and grouted, the surface of the tiles should be cleaned thoroughly with water. Do not use detergent. If thorough cleaning is required, neutral soap may be used.
  2. After installing the tiles, the floor must be completely dried, then the sealing will be applied again. Note, always follow the user manual of the sealer supplier or contact us before using a new sealer. We recommend using a high-quality sealer to protect the floor. The sealer can be used many times to protect the best tile floor. Please test sealing in a tile before sealing the whole floor to make sure that the required sealer is good for you.
  3. For the new floor just finished installing, please pay attention to preserving the floor surface carefully so that other interior contractors do not damage the floor during finishing work.
    Note: Preserved tile flooring carefully with respect to colored liquids, particularly oil-based paints.

Thank you for trusting and choosing CTS Cement Tiles. We hope you will have a beautiful tile floor as you wish.


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