1. Delivery process:
Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. cooperates with reliable shipping units to deliver directly to customers nationwide.
Your order will be notified by the staff of Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. before the delivery date (by phone or email). Upon receiving this notice, please arrange the cone at the delivery location.

2. Shipping costs:
Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. always aims to provide the best quality products at competitive prices for all orders that you order with us. Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. will discuss details with customers about the shipping rates of each order before delivery.

3. Delivery time:
tnam Tile Co., Ltd. will ship goods within the agreed time when you complete the order procedures. Shipping time according to the order and delivery agreement (not calculated on Saturdays, Sundays or Tet holidays). Delivery time will be counted from the time the order is confirmed for payment. Please note that Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change the delivery time in some cases of majeure such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, damaged means of transport on the delivery line, malfunctions in the delivery process. We will proactively contact customers to notify in the above cases.

Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. always aims to provide the most convenient experience for customers. Please pay us 100% before the delivery date. We support payment methods as follows:
1. Bank transfer:
e specify the customer's name or company name, payment content in the content of the transfer clearly according to the specific instructions of the order receptioner or payment manager.

2. Direct payment in cash:
You can pay in cash with the order manager or payment manager of Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd.
In addition, you can agree on a form of payment with Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. to have the most convenient working direction for you.

the desire to bring satisfaction to customers when buying at Vietnam Tile, we support the return policy as follows:
1. Improper delivery, wrong order content or missing quantity compared to payment:
encourage you to check the order before signing the delivery form to ensure that the goods are delivered in the right type, quantity, color according to the order. If you encounter a case of improper delivery of goods, please contact the order manager immediately or immediately report to the hotline 08.8888.5665 so that we have a timely solution.
After 3 working days from the date you receive the goods, we have the right to refuse to support the exchange for complaints as mentioned above.

2. Delivery with technical errors:
When you have technical problems with products ordered at Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd., please perform the following steps:
Step 1: Check for yourself how the product is used, the operations guided in the "User Manual" that accompany each product (if any).
Step 2: Please contact Vietnam Tile Co., Ltd. to inform the current status of the product. Here, we will collect information and connect with the relevant Departments to solve the relevant issues of product errors for customers. If your product is confirmed to be the manufacturer's fault. We will create any favorable conditions for you to be resolved in accordance with the company's regulations.
You can refer to the product details or please contact our Customer Care Team at 08.8888.5665 or email: [email protected] for further assistance.